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Nemesis PI Rogue PID Temperature Controller

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2020 Latest Kiln controllers Just Released NEMESIS PI ROGUE


nemesis Pi Rogue


Classic Black

Nemesis Pi Yellow


Noctilucent Yellow

Nemesis PI Rogue 10Amp Plug Through
Nemesis PI Rogue 4 Pin Harco Compatible

It works as a Web Browser based PID Temperature Controller with Auto Tune and a Computer and Retro Gaming Machine once Operating system and other programs are installed. All Electrics Ready to GO No Wiring! Virtually Plug install Play!

kiln controller Nemesisi Pi

Noctilucent Green

SSR 40Amp Quiet Drive ,over rated for longer life (Maximum Power Draw 10Amp on both models )

One of the most Advanced Hybrid Computer PID Temperature Controllers with a Large 5 inch Touch screen Kiln controller/Distillery, Computer , Retro gaming Machine/Kodi Compatible

Runs on Raspberry PI OS (recommended) you can use other Linux Distributions ( Mouse/KeyBoard/Internet and a PC Required for setup).

Software runs in web Browser so you can surf the net while controlling your kiln or Furnace at the same time!(Gaming not advised)

Nemesis PI controller can be Full Remote Controlled and Monitored from anywhere in the world to assist your kiln operator via Phone, Tablet or PC over the Cloud! or just over your intranet/internet

Currently in 3 Colours Green , Yellow or Classic Black

Monitor Brackets to suit 100mm Versa to adapt to Monitor.

Software installation takes about an Hour + Kiln Tuning Time , set up software via copy and paste method( Depending on internet speed) also comes with Video set-up guides and instruction manuals


Compatible with the soon to be famous Pico Reflow and Kiln controller freeware software which you will need to download and install requiring some computer knowledge. We only sell Nemesisi PI Hardware.
With the Free Downloaded Kiln controller Software you can Fire for Days, Months,Years Almost Unlimited Stages and Temperature Range(dependent on thermocouple option Available)

(Now With Auto Tune Function)

Live Data Logging via Screen shot of graph also log files are recordered to view in Terminal Program when running in in manual mode only.

Currently comes with Type K suited to 1300Deg C only 215mm Long 8 Gauge.

Program your kiln via the easy to use drag and drop method on the graph from your lounge chair!

Sound Via bluetooth connection or 3.5mm wired jack connection and HDMI

At present only sold in Australia rated at 240V.

Great for Pottery Studio's or Laboratories that want contactless contact, remote start ,stop and monitoring via the cloud

* Complete Control

* Controller Temperature Accuracy + or - 2-4 DEG C depending temperature.

* PID Auto Tune

* WIFI and Bluetooth Enabled

* Update over the internet

* Graphical display of the firing process on the controller or on external devices such as PhonesPC/Tablet

* Large 5" Touch-screen technology for the user interface

* Emergency Shut off

* Thermcouple offset

* Thermocouple Open circuit Detection

* Mutlti Stage Programing with Firing Profile , Ramp to Temperature and Hold

* Virtually no Limit on Programs and Stages can be set depending on storage space

* Count Down Timer

* Comes with Bisque and Glaze firing Examples

* Live Log Files in manual mode only

* Email Firing Programs/Profiles to your friends

* Resume Run at temperature

* Error Codes

* Cycle Time ON/OFF can be set, betweent 1 Second to 90 seconds Maximum helps make Relays Last Longer, comes set at 14 seconds cycle time

* Temperature controller Program When Downloaded comes fully setup , just tune your kiln and your ready to go with a few clicks of the mouse or Touch screen

*Access to Full Computer system and Controller via Phone/Tablet or PC


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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK as kiln and kiln controller manufacturers state.

Never Fire Kilns or other Appliances unattended. Always be there for shut down and remember you are responsible as the controller is only your assistant.

Always switch off your kiln when not in use


Controller Type Retail GST Included

Nemesis PI 10Amp Plug Through model Rogue ...........(Tell Us which Colour you would like!) Only Installation of Software and Kiln tuning Required)


Nemesis PI 4 Pin model Rogue ...........(Tell Us which Colour you would like!) Only Installation of Software and Kiln tuning Required)



Parts below included

1 x Nemesis PI Rogue 4 PIN or Plugthrough complete with easy setup instructions Written and Video! 1 x Power Adaptor 240V 5 Volt 3 Amp with On/Off Switch

1 x SD Card Reader

1 x Stylus Pen (stores inside the Nemesis PI)

1 x HDMI Cable Mini Male to Large Male HDMI

1 x Type K 8 Gauge High Temp KilnThermocouple 215mm Long can be cut shorter very easy

black nemesis pi

Raspberry Pi power supply with on off button

2 x 32 Gig Micro SD Card32 GB Micro Sd Nemesis PI

micro sd card reader

stylus pen nemesis pi

nemesis pi hdmi cable

type k thermcouple

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