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Bartlett Genesis Specifications

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Genesis Specifications

If you want complete control over your Kiln, Furnace or Oven the Genesis controller can provide you with multiple temperature ramps, multiple holds / soaks and a delayed start so you can have your kiln fire automatically at a certain time.
They can be programmed to control the whole firing process, including ramp rate, hold times and final temperature, cone and Precious Metal Clay firing are also available.
These are perfect for pottery, glass and PMC and come with glass type profiles pre programmed in addition to the pottery based cone fire programs.
EG: For the first segment / stage you can set the temperature to rise at 75c / hour to 150c and then hold for 2 hours as a drying stage.
Then for the second stage you can set the temperature to rise at 200c / hour to 900c
Then for the third stage you can set the temperature to rise at 120c / hour to 1100c
Then for the forth stage you can set the temperature to rise at 60c / hour to 1260c and hold for 10 mins.
There are 32 stages and each stage can have a hold added to it, you can modify the ramp / rise rate and the temperature that it goes to on each stage, if you don't need 8 stages you can reduce them in the program setup.

Genesis Model LT3140 ControllerGenesis Model LT3140 Controller
Genesis Model LT3140 Controller

FEATURES of Genesis Model LT3140 Controller
This controller will make firing kilns just a little bit easier in these ways:
*Touch-screen technology for the user interface
*Easy-to-follow screen descriptions
*Different user-interface levels, which can be set to match the user’s firing knowledge
*Graphical display of the firing process right at the controller
*Bisc Cone Fire with four different speeds with Preheat and Hold options
*Glaze Cone Fire with four different speeds with Preheat and Hold options
*Four Glass programs that can be customised
*Selectable glass Coefficient of Expansion (COE) profiles includes 82, 90 & 96
*Store up to 12 custom user programs
*Up to 32 segments per program
*Ability to make adjustment during a firing such as add segments, add temperature, and skip segments
*Delay Start
*Cone Offset raise or lower the final temperature of any cone to fine tune the controller to your kiln.
*Thermocouple type R, S or K (change type with jumper & software setting)
*Built in diagnostics testing for use with a current sensor
*Error Codes
*WiFi enabled for easy software updating
*Compatible with KISS computer interface
*Multi Zone Up to 3 seperate zones can be controlled with up to 4 seperate elements. This will provide a more even temperature over the whole kiln chamber.

Mounting Bracket:

Kiln Controller Mounting Bracket
Controllers can be fitted with an optional kiln side mounting bracket (excluding 3K small Case controllers)
If fitted at time of manufacture $66 inc GST
Also can be retro fitted to your existing controller at our factroy POA

Note: All Bartlett controllers do not come with a thermocouple if you require one please choose one from thermocouples page.

Owning Digital PID ,Nemesis PI Rogue or Bartlett Controller is like hiring an assistant to watch your kiln. Nevertheless, please remember that you should monitor the kiln occasionally during firing, especially near the expected shut-off. (We do not warrant against over-fires.)

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