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Fibre Paper, Blanket & Boards

Superwool HT Fibre PaperSuperwool Fibre BlanketSuperwool Fibre Board

These lightweight wool fibres are manufactured using QS 9000/ISO 9002-certified processes. and can be bagged as bulk, air laid into blankets, converted into boards and shapes, converted into folded modules, blended with liquid binders for coatings and cements, mixed with other materials for wear and friction resistance.
Superwool® 607®HT Fibre

Within a year, the quality of Superwool® 607® HT Fibre has been significantly improved in the areas of tensile strength and shot content to reach levels similar to our reference product Superwool® 607®.
Furthermore the product range is now enlarged and the thermal insulating performance improved. This reflects Thermal Ceramics' commitment to implement continuous improvement in all its production processes.
Since its launch in 2005, knowledge & experience from our production team in the manufacturing of this product combined with superior process control allows us to share with you the benefits of new improved Superwool® 607® HT Fibre.

  • Improved tensile strength
  • Improved compression & resilience
  • Improved blanket product range
  • Improved thermal properties
  • Improved production consistency
  • Improved lower shot content
  • Improved compatibility

Fibre Insulation

Retail GST Included

1mm Superwool 607HT 610mm wide 1300c Max NA
3mm Superwool 607HT 610mm wide 1300c Max NA

13mm SuperWool Density128 x 610mm wide 1200c Max


25mm SuperWool Density128 x 610mm wide 1200c Max


25mm Isowool Density128 x 610mm wide 1400c Max NA
12.5mm Fibre Board V/F 900mm x 600mm NA
25mm Fibre Board V/F 900mm x 600mm NA
50mm Fibre Board V/F 900mm x 600mm NA
75mm Fibre Board V/F 900mm x 600mm NA

High Temp Furnace Bricks

Kiln Furnace Brick

Insulating Fire Brick (IFB) marketed out our JM™, K® and TJM™ brands.

IFB holds a unique position within our portfolio of high temperature insulation products, in that it offers a unique combination of insulating properties with load bearing ability. IFBs are particularly suited to applications above 1000°C, where their thermal conductivity is as low as fibre based products (in some cases lower), but with structural integrity capable of dealing with erosive and abrasive environments.

Brand Depends on stock at time
Discount When full box Purchased

Insulation Bricks

Retail GST Included

JM23 9”x4.5”x 3”


JM28 9”x4.5”x 3”


JM30 9”x4.5”x 3”


Home/ Parts / Insulation

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