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We are proud to be a reseller for Tetlow Kilns & Furnaces Pty Ltd
They began manufacturing quality kilns and furnaces over 40 years ago.
During that time they have pioneered many innovative ideas in the design of their products.
A broad range of industrial and laboratory furnaces are now available to fit your every need, from a chamber as small as .4cub ft, to the giants of their range 100cub ft and more in capacity.

We are also proud to be a reseller for Woodrow Fibre kilns.
Woodrow make lighweight fast firing fibre insulated kilns they are based in Bankstown Sydney and have over 40 years experience in Kiln manufacturing.
They design and manufacture Kilns here in Australia from the most advanced materials and techniques.

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Electric Kilns
Tetlow Electric Kilns

Tetlow Electric Brick Kilns

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Tetlow Gas Kilns

Tetlow Gas Brick Kiln

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Tetlow Octagonal Kilns

Tetlow Octagonal Brick Kilns

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Woodrow Fibre Kilns
Woodrow Kilns

Woodrow Electric Fibre Kilns

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What kind of furnace or kiln do you need?
We can supply a wide variety of products.

You are welcome to call us for advice and a quotation on your requirements.

We also have used & refurbished kilns for sale contact us or check our specials page

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