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AAKILNS Kilns 2023 NEW Kiln Range

At AAKILNS we make lightweight fast firing fast cooling fibre insulated kilns we are based in Warners Bay Newcastle and have over 50 years experience in Kiln manufacturing.
We design and manufacture Kilns here in Australia from the most advanced materials and techniques and only use the highest Qualitity Materials.

Our New Range of Small Table Top Kilns

The Mitchell Kiln has the Latest Kiln controller Tech on a fully adjustable gas strut arm for easy viewing

MeltTech All In one Hub
Easy to use straight out of the box! Just screw the controller to side of kiln(philips head screw driver required only,see videos below how to)

True Australian kiln from kiln to controller all manufactured right here in Australia

Click pictures for Videos


MeltTech kiln controller HUB

Mitchell Kiln MeltTech Kiln Controller Hub

One of the most advanced Kilns Around fitted with the all new 2023 Kiln Controller Hub By MeltTech

Music by Mia Muze

MeltTech Kiln controller Software

MeltTech Hub Phone APP

APP Compatable with Iphone , Android ,PC and Mac Computers

control from most devices with a web browser and WIFI


Our Kiln Range Small Kilns Small kilns Large kilns
Model Mitchell 15
Mitchell 20 more coming soon
Vol (L)
(Cubic Ft)
more coming soon
330 x 330mm
330 x 330mm more coming soon
Shelves Props
3 Full  & Props 1 to 4 inch
3 Full  & Props 1 to 4 inch more coming soon
W 340
D 380
H 380
 W 340
D 380
H 380
more coming soon
W 730
D 640
H 600
W 730
D 640
H 600
more coming soon
Weight 38KG
38KG more coming soon

Max Temp 1100 Deg C
1295Deg C

Controller MeltTech kiln controller
MeltTech kiln controller more coming soon
Phase 1 Phase
1 Phase more coming soon
Amps 15
20 more coming soon

kW 3.6 4.8 more coming soon
RCD Breaker
Electricains infomation
Warranty 12 Months
12 Months more coming soon
Part No. Mitchell Kiln 15
Mitchell Kiln 20
more coming soon
$RRP inc GST Aluminium Body Light weight
$6999 more coming soon
$RRP inc GST Stainless steel Body
$7999 NOT released yet coming soon optional S/S casing
Larger Kilns Depths can be reduced by opening or removing the kiln’s door and/or hinges to allow passage through a standard 820mm doorway.

Prices of kilns do not include Freight, Installation or Vent Systems contact aakilns for a quote.
pdf aakilns manual and firing costs
Firing Costs
mitchell kiln user manual aakilns
Some assembly required to mount controller on arm

Controller must be mounted to Gas strut arm mounting to the MeltTech kiln controller Hub and Mitchell Kiln as well

To clean kiln use 50/50 water and vinegar with a micro fibre cloth

We Prefire every kiln so you don't have to, so you can get straight into firing your new kiln


VentMaster - Kiln ventilation system
Electrical Connections for AAKILNS Kilns 15Amp
15 amp wall socket Australia
Mitchell kiln requires 15Amp
Electrical Connections for AAKILNS Kilns 20Amp or 25Amp
20amp 3 pin Australia20Amp Socket Australia
(This is not your standard household 10amp outlet)
Mitchell kiln requires 20Amp
Electrical Connections for AAKILNS Kilns 32Amp

Mitchell Kiln all Boxed up

Prices Subject to change without notice contact us to confirm
VALID FROM 29/08/2023 


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