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Bartlett Controllers have been designed for use on Kilns, Furnaces and Ovens both Electric and Gas. They can be programmed to control the whole firing, including ramp rate, hold times and final temperature, cone firing is also available.

Bartlett make controllers for many other kiln manufactures who re badge them and sell as their own brand these include Orton, Duncan, Evenheat, Woodrow, Paragon, Rio Grande, Hotbox, Scutt & Olympic Kilns. The RTC-1000 is a direct replacement for DTC-1000, DTC-800 & DTC-600 controllers with some additional improvements.

These controllers are configured as either a 4 pin version for larger or hard wired kilns that have a 4 pin socket (we can supply wiring instructions if your kiln needs one fitted) or as plug through type for 10,15 or 20 Amp single phase kilns (3 pin Australian plug 25 Amp optional). You can use the Plug Through type by just pluging the unit into a wall outlet and your appliance you wish to control into the 3 pin socket on the unit (please state 10, 15, 20, 25A or 4 Pin type when you order).

If your kiln has a Kiln Sitter fitted we can supply details on how to disable it so you don't have to have your kiln modified by an electrician.

Bartlett 3 Key Controller
RTC 1000

Bartlett Genesis Kiln Controller

Genesis Touch Screen Controller

The Genesis is a versatile touch screen controller that regulates the temperature in your kiln so you can fire a variety of products like ceramics, glass, jewellery and more.

The Genesis has all the features of its earlier models, the V6-CF and RTC-1000, along with Wi-Fi capabilities for software updating, built in diagnostics, and maintenance logging among other new features.

Genesis Specifications & more info click here

Optional multi zone temperature system is available, this can control up to 3 separate zones using 3 thermocouples and can control up to 4 separate elements.

Optional Gas Kiln control outputs can be fitted to 3K, V6, RTC & Genesis controllers, contact us for more details

Optional computer control system can be fitted to V6, RTC & Genesis controllers, contact us for more details

Controller Type

Retail GST Included

3K Panel Only (to replace / upgrade existing 3k controller)


3K 4 Pin (Harco Plug In Compatible)


3K 10Amp Plug Through


3K 15Amp Plug Through


3K 20Amp Plug Through


V6-CF Panel Only (to replace / upgrade existing V6 controller)


RTC-1000 Panel Only (to replace / upgrade existing RTC/DTC controller)


V6-CF 4 Pin (Harco Plug In Compatible)


V6-CF 10Amp Plug Through


V6-CF 15Amp Plug Through


V6-CF 20Amp Plug Through


V6-CF 25 Amp Plug Through


V6-CF, 3K, RTC-1000 Or Genesis Gas Kiln Option


V6-CF, RTC-1000 or Genesis 2 or 3 Zone Control


V6-CF, RTC-1000 or Genesis Computer Control


Genesis 2.0 Touch Screen Controller 4 Pin (Harco Plug In Compatible)


Genesis 2.0 Touch Screen Controller with all of the V6 features and more (Plug Through/Zone)



Note: All controllers do not come with a thermocouple if you require one please choose one from thermocouples page.

* 2 or 3 Zone controllers require extra relays installed into existing kiln control panel, type and number is dependant on kiln type and zone requirements.

Prices Subject to change without notice contact us to confirm. updated 08/03/2022

Owning Digital PID ,Bartlett or Tap Controller is like hiring an assistant to watch your kiln. Nevertheless, please remember that you should monitor the kiln occasionally during firing, especially near the expected shut-off. (We do not warrant against over-fires.)


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